About company

We are born out of the concept of giving full scale assistance to the expat Bangladeshi Community and foreign investors around the globe who need to preserve their rights and protect legitimate interests in Bangladesh. Our expertise is geared towards helping our clients through informed legal solutions, practical advice and representative services through a reliable professional network. The service we provide essentially reduces the obscurities and difficulties faced by many in obtaining legal guidance or trusting the aid in offer in Bangladesh. We work relentlessly to bridge the gap in the legal sector between Bangladesh and those living abroad with economic or social ties with the country. AZURIST is well-resourced to provide contentious and non-contentious legal support on Laws of Bangladesh. Being based in London we are uniquely positioned to reach out to the world wide NRB community. Our network of experienced and qualified lawyers practising in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh adeptly serve clients with proper guidance on legal issues and intelligent solutions. We work closely with a dedicated team of lawyers in Dhaka, Sylhet, Moulvibazar and representative professionals across the country for pre-emptive, reactive and dynamic litigation support in Bangladesh. The advisory work and legal services we provide are regulated by the Bangladesh Bar Council. We also assist Bangladeshi business community inclined towards investing in the UK economy and building partnerships with UK based organisations. We can act as the representative office for companies and persons who regularly engage in business dealings with Europe, North America and Asi

Our Objectives

  • Deliver high quality legal advisory and representative support on laws of Bangladesh to persons and groups based in the Europe, America and parts of Asia.
  • Provide comprehensive legal services to foreign organisations and individuals doing business in Bangladesh.
  • Facilitate need oriented and affordable solutions to legal problems or disputes occurring in Bangladesh.
  • Act as representatives or attorneys of Bangladeshi persons/organisations having stake or business interests in the United Kingdom.
  • Support the growth and development of Bangladesh Legal System by addressing the legal concerns of NRB, Business and Foreign Investor community.


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