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Our Objectives

  • Deliver high quality legal advisory and representative support on laws of Bangladesh to persons and groups based in the Europe, America and parts of Asia.
  • Provide comprehensive legal services to foreign organisations and individuals doing business in Bangladesh.
  • Facilitate need oriented and affordable solutions to legal problems or disputes occurring in Bangladesh.
  • Act as representatives or attorneys of Bangladeshi persons/organisations having stake or business interests in the United Kingdom.
  • Support the growth and development of Bangladesh Legal System by addressing the legal concerns of NRB, Business and Foreign Investor community.

Practice Areas

The fields on which we have given


At AZURIST, we profess to advise clients on complex legal issues and regulatory matters within the jurisdiction of Bangladesh. Our advice features practical exposition to multifaceted aspects of personal & family law, inheritance, property disputes, illegal possession, ownership or licensing, injunctions, intellectual property rights, breach of promise, company affairs, business ventures, commercial agreements and negotiations, foreign exchange and remittance matters, breach of trusts, complaints and prosecution against miscreants, protection from anti-social behaviour, cyber crime, defamation and professional negligence amongst others. You can visit our offices for in depth consultation and instruct us to formulate legal opinions on such matters

Filing Applications & Obtaining Certificates

The administration network and professional legal team in our partner organization The Zurist is regularly instructed by us to file applications related to Intellectual Property (Patent & Trademark, Industrial Designs), renewing licenses and permits, obtaining certified copies of land documents and Court orders on behalf of non residents, legal firms and international businesses

Power of Attorney

All kinds of representation and legal support in Courts & Tribunal proceedings, arbitration, sale or purchase of property, business negotiations and agreements, service of legal documents in Bangladesh are effectuated by virtue of authority to act conferred with power of attorney. The relevant legal instruments delegating lawful authority to act are prepared by the Firm, attested in Bangladesh High Commission or Foreign & Commonwealth Office followed by verification at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangladesh and circulated to the local Deputy Commissioner office. We see through each step of the way leading to the final stage of the process and serve the document at the appropriate forum. If needed, we can nominate individuals under agreeable conditions to take necessary steps as the attorney with special and regulated power to act


Our drafting wing can draw up contracts and legal documents such as Deeds, Will, Contracts, Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) and even complex PPP agreements. Our advisors being qualified lawyers of Bangladesh are fluent in English and Bengali, whereby we can understand and identify you and the context of your documentary needs. Therefore we can help you with drafting specific documents, opinions & instruments which are not only clear, but most importantly reflective of your needs and objectives

Due Diligence & Verification of Documents

We can verify and analyze legal instruments, documents, title deeds, business agreements related to affairs in Bangladesh. By conducting extensive search and fact finding mission in local jurisdiction with the support of our professional network in Bangladesh, we can obtain authentic information on title and current legal status of movable and immovable property, court proceedings, business operations, company dealings and supply the same to residents in UK & Europe.

Due diligence process is the term used for an investigation into a business or property (land) undertaken by a potential buyer to evaluate its assets, liabilities and general conditions. With regards to business ventures, it involves a close look at the company records, accounts history, budgets and business projections, contracts with employees, suppliers and customers to put together a picture of the target company.

When it comes to purchasing or selling land, immovable property, it is necessary to gain advance information on the current possession, record of rights, chain of title- to ascertain whether it is free from any encumbrance, encroachment or subject to any court order, government acquisition, whether there are any outstanding charges on the property. A conclusive finding on the above matters allows the potential buyer to work out: (a) Whether he/she still wants to buy the property or business; (b) whether he/she is still happy to pay the price offered; and (c) whether there are any contractual protections he/she needs in the purchase agreement. We can help to ensure that you ask all the right questions, spot gaps in the answers and take informed decisionsPower of Attorney


You will find our client's frequent questions

Serving Documents

Do you need to serve court papers or other important documents to a person living in Bangladesh but expect that this person may try to avoid getting served? Maybe you have already tried sending documents by courier and the addressee has not opened the door or the courier employee was not able to locate the person.

We appoint licensed practitioners and process server agencies to serve all kind of Legal/Civil/Judicial case related documents such as Personal Legal Papers, Summons, Petitions, Complaint, Writs, Divorce Papers, Child Support Notifications, Legal Notices & Court Orders. Our appointed representatives follow the legal procedure prescribed in foreign jurisdiction as recognized by national laws

AZURIST can assist new business owners or investors in these key areas:

  • Preparing the initial business plan to clarify your marketing, management, and financial goals
  • Help you choose the structure suitable to your needs by evaluating tax advantages, legal exposure, ease of operation and portability.
  • Develop Partnership Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Shareholders Agreements reflecting expectations, defining roles, and setting guidelines for resolving any disputes that may arise
  • Draw up and implement Human Resource policies incorporating employee incentive programs, employment and management guidelines, and a comprehensive financial plan to meet your ongoing and changing needs.
  • Provide Admin support for Registration & Licensing of entities (Registrar of Joint Stock Companies, Trade License, Patent & Trade Mark Registration, VAT & Tax Certificate, Clearances etc.)
  • Comply with Employment laws (Bangladesh Labour Code), Environmental laws, Regulations on building structures, Real Estate laws, Tax Regulations and any other statutes or regulations affecting your business
  • Negotiate mergers and acquisitions, complex contracts, joint ventures, government incentives.
  • Pro-actively recognize potential compliance issues, management and employment conflicts, and other potential exposures to liability, so that we are able to prepare for and avoid conflicts before they arise
  • Provide support to endeavours on legal repatriation of proceeds from profit of business ventures


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